CLient: Julbo Eyewear
Producer: Florian Orley
Production: Filmkabinett
DP & Director: Florian Albert
Edit: Florian Albert
Talents: Manuela Mandl, Florian Orley & Darjan Andrejc
Shot in Iceland
Two weeks long, Darjan, Flo and Manu follow the icy streets of the volcanic kingdom, spend the evenings in the largest motorhome on the island, which turns out to be not quite as big as expected, sail into solitary fjords, see the stunning northern lights, meet unique people, hike mountains so close to the sea, that they witness relationship problems between seagulls and cameradrones and of course go for some snowboarding. Narrow couloirs in dark volcanic stone, cold wind on ridges and steep walls to the sea. An adventure of a special kind.
Festival of Mountain Film Poprad
IF3 Montreal & London
International Freeride Film Festival Tarbes
Bansko Film Fest
Torello Mountain Film
Festival Gorniskega Fillma
Milano Montagna Video Awards
Bergfilmfestival Salzburg
Freeride Filmbase Innsbruck
Eho Mountain Film Festival Skopje
Linehunters Movietour
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